The Orange Bucket

Get to know ‘’THE ORANGE BUCKET’: ~~~ IRRESISTIBLE CHARM: Food lovers don’t need to fly to U.S.A. to gratify their craving for the world’s famous ‘Boiling Crab’.’THE ORANGE BUCKET Restaurant’ has made it super-easy and affordable for them. And with convenience, people from all walks of life can grab that crazy-tasty crab, boiled in customized Cajun-style blend of spices; tossed with one of the signature seasonings and served in a bag to preserve the exquisite flavor.

DISTINCT CHARACTER: “THE ORANGE BUCKET” is Cajun-inspired restaurant which specializes on exquisitely-flavored seafood, juxtaposed with fusion of cuisine that tempts the soul and tickles the heart. It ought to be put on one’s bucket list.

IMAGE AND REPUTATION: ‘The Orange Bucket’ is an offshoot of its proprietor’s brainchild— ‘The Crowing Chicken’ [Restaurant] in Angeles City, which initially launched Cajun Seafood in May of 2016. This fact definitely spells out its originality. It is undeniable that the debut [of then ‘The Crowing Chicken’] made news all over the City and nearby cities and suburbs; thus, making its cuisine a blockbuster and talk-of-the-town. And finally, its signature and best-seller– the Cajun Seafood, plus other rousing, delectable dishes will now be experienced right at the heart of the Culinary Capital of the Philippines– the City of San Fernando. This is its newfound home. It is extra-awesome; otherwise, a much better version. This restaurant certainly offers to its guests great service both for dine-in and take-out. It commits itself to make the customers feel and enjoy the hospitality they deserve, every hour, every minute. Every bite in every meal speaks for ‘The Orange Bucket’ itself and the magnetism it possesses.


In order to bring the declared vision to fruition; and in pursuit of success, ‘The Orange Bucket’ has set its specific goals:

  • Treat justly and exceptionally every clientele.
  • Foster a warm, pleasurable and family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Cultivate sense of professionalism with the staff and business affiliates.
  • Consistently practice the legally-acceptable norms in food service.
  • Promote incomparably-hygienic and healthy environment.
  • Ensure the freshness and enticing taste of the food being served.


‘The Orange Bucket’ envisions itself to be one of the highly-esteemed establishments in food and hospitality industry and a top-of-the-line seafood restaurants at the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, in particular; or furthermore, the whole of Central Luzon and the Philippines, in general.

THE INSPIRATION: A socially smart person, the principal proprietor of ‘The Orange Bucket’ derived the motivation to jump-start her seafood-influenced restaurant from one of her favorite travel destinations– the United States of America. It is basically the world-renowned ‘The Boiling Crab’ that has driven all the more her desire to pursue a related business.